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NCR Edutech Strategy

सही समय पर सही जगह पर अधिकतम संभव विकल्पों पर कैंडिडेट्स की जरूरतों तथा सुविधाओं को ध्यान में रखते हुए उपलब्ध रहना एनसीआर एडुटेक की रणनीतियों का सबसे पहला पर्पस है। हमारी हर एक रणनिति का इरादा समस्या के लिए उचित समाधान प्रदान करना है।

Increasing Market Share of NCR Edutech by Involving Education Stakeholders Using Bonafide Methods, Philosophies, and New Knowledge of Business Expansion.

B2B Method

To approach the large level enrolment process of the organization in the field of serving facilities for educational eligibility, we incorporate B2B targeting strategies in our business. Through B2B method we are adding values to the educational entities to becoming complete solution providers.

B2C Method

Device centric approach to reach potential individual candidates during Inside sales activities through Information Communication Technology. Integrated Data Driven Decision making process to handle and response inquiries throughout the eligibility operation using AI-Artificial Intelligence Power.

MarConPra Knowledge

Innovations and inventions are happening every day to improve human life on earth. Being educational counsel, it is our most important duty that bringing those better ideas to the economical cycle by promoting benefit able products and services for the market. MarConPra allows us to be a customer creators, becoming conscious brand advocators, and generate demands to supply.

CSR Philosophy

Providing support for socially useful works and projects connecting every community with the mainstream of society shows our dedication and acceptance of our non-profit ideology through our behavior.

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